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In Mexico since two decades ago, BIOSKINCO S.A. de C.V. manufacture the Cultured Skin Allograft (Epidermal Allograft) commercially called epifast®.

epifast® is a Class III Medical Device manufacturing by biotechnological process in accordance with national and international quality standards for cell culture in Manufacture parent plant localized in Estado de Mexico, Mexico.

BIOSKINCO obeys to the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for Medical Devices stablished in the Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-241-SSA1-2012


Bring hope to the sick, injured, or traumatized human being, whose condition requires the recovery of the skin, through the manufacture and commercialization of Cultured Skin Allografts (Epidermal Allografts) capable of promoting the proliferation of healthy skin cells.


Combine the necessary elements to consolidate ourselves as a first-class biotechnology company, committed to social well-being and the development of our human resources.

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