About Us

In Mexico since two decades ago, BIOSKINCO S.A. de C.V. manufacture the Cultured Skin Allograft (Epidermal Allograft) commercially called epifast®.

epifast® is a Class III Medical Device manufacturing by biotechnological process in accordance with national and international quality standards for cell culture in Manufacture parent plant localized in Estado de Mexico, Mexico.

BIOSKINCO obeys to the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for Medical Devices stablished in the Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-241-SSA1-2012


Offer a safe and effective solution for those patients whose condition requires skin regeneration, manufacturing allografts grown under international quality standards.


To be an internationally recognized organization that offers solutions for skin regeneration, helping people to recover their health and quality of life as a result of the continuous improvement of our processes, to leave a mark on a society that benefits from our products.


  • Integrity: We build through trust, ethics, honesty and social commitment as a means to achieve our goals.
  • Discipline: We strengthen our company through our commitment, knowledge, responsibility and rectitude.
  • Overcoming: We foster a culture of high performance in which people enjoy what they do.
  • Respect: We value our ideas and effort; this creates the collective power of teamwork.
  • Belonging: We raise awareness to be taken into account; BIOSKINCO is yours, it’s ours, take care of it and together let’s make it grow.

Quality politics

We are an organization committed to providing biotechnological solutions for skin regeneration, complying with our Quality Management System (QMS) through the continuous improvement of our processes for the benefit of the human being.

Quality objectives

  1. Maintain the profit margin of the business with respect to the maximum installed production capacity (50,000 pieces)
  2. Maintain the satisfaction of our customers with a result of more than 90%
  3. Achieve an efficiency of 85% in the processes that make up the company’s QMS
  4. Earn an average grade above 80% on staff

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