epifast® | Technical Information

Generic name: Culture Cutaneous Allograft (Epidermis Allograft)

Commercial name: epifast®


  • Tipo de Insumo para la Salud Art. 262 Ley General de Salud: V. Materiales Quirúrgicos y de Curación
  • Classification (Art. 83 RIS):  Class III
  • Medical Device Class III


Human keratinocytes sheet, culture in vitro; the keratinocytes sheet is mounted on a vaseline impregnated fabric, protect between two sterile polypropylene grills, and packed in two sterile polyethylene bags.

Mexican Health Register:  00054C2000 SSA


epifast® Maxi® 124 cm2
(15.5 cm X 8.0 cm)
epifast® 56 cm2
(7.0 cm X 8.0 cm)
epifast® mini® 27 cm2
(4.5 cm X 6.0 cm)
Size reference
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